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There are no set formulas for business finance facilities. Every business is different, and has different finance needs. What works for one will often be completely inadequate for a similar business.

At AFN we can assist our clients with the total range of business finance needs. Click on the tabs at left for more information.

We work for you  - our client  - not the lender 

When you engage AFNCF to act on your behalf, we work to achieve your objectives - not the lenders. We have a fiduciary duty to ensure that the information we present on your behalf is complete and accurate  - but that's all. We don't have loyalties to any lender.  We don't promise lenders that we'll refer any level of business during the year, and we dont accept "soft dollar" commissions. If a product doesn't suit your need  - we wont recommend it.

We understand business

Over more than 35 years in finance we've dealt with thousands of businesses ranging from start ups to public companies, from large professional service firms to family owned poultry farms and one man biotech companies. We also have real world business experience.  In a past life Doug McClelland was General Manager Property & Finance for a public company with a national chain of 115 retail tyre outlets, a diverse property / investment portfolio, and employed over 1500 staff.   

One Lender - One Solution Vs Multiple Lender Solutions

Your current lender will only offer one product range with set guidelines. Often the best solution will be found by using two or maybe three lenders for differing needs.  At AFNCF we have access to a very wide panel of lenders with a number of options available in each caegory.  

Your Relationship with Your Business Lender

Business finance is also about the relationship between the borrower and the lender.  A great product or service can be a dismal failure if the personalities don't mesh. It's a two way street, but often a bankers hands are tied as much by the rule book as by a lack of "real world" experience. It's easy for a banker to say "reduce your overdraft by $10,000" - It's not so easy to make the additional $120,000 in sales necessary to generate an after tax amount of $10,000 to achieve the reduction.

Unless your business borrowings are considerably more than $5m it’s unlikely that you’ll have a Relationship Manager who knows who you are, let alone understands your business. In almost all cases you will be relegated to a business banking centre and your account allocated to a banker who may have up to 300 other accounts to look after, and who will be replaced by someone else in less than two years.

Optimising Your Business Finance

AFN has access to a diverse range of business finance facilities through our commercial lending panel. Before we recommend any products, services or lenders we will need to undertake a detailed review of the businesses existing finance facilities and gain a good understanding of where you're headed. 

We'll then provide detailed recommendations with a fully costed implementation strategy.
Post settlement we will provide ongoing monitoring and advice to ensure that your new business finance facility achieves the desired goals. We will help manage your relationships with your lenders.
Periodically we will review your business finance needs with you and make suggestions where necessary.

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