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  • 35.5% of Australians aged 65+ have an income below half the median equalised household income


    The graph tells the story better than 1,000 words.

  • FIFO's Supply Chain Finance Facility - A win-win solution for businesses


    It's not often that we see innovative new products that have the potential to provide a "win - win" solution for clients and their suppliers as well as the lender.

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  • There is a viable option to banks for business finance..


    SMEs are deserting Australian banks for online lending firms, but high fees can mean the loans do more harm than good. Angus Sedgwick, CEO of The Invoice Market, says cash flow financing can provide a fairer and more flexible funding option for Australian businesses.

    Even before the report of the Small Business Loan Inquiry, which highlighted a range of problems with the Australian lending market earlier this year, businesses had been looking for quicker and fairer funding. While many online lenders certainly provide the former, high and opaque fee structures mean SMEs may find better options by moving away from the concept of debt finance altogether - Read more