More than just home loans

Our Clients

Our Clients

Although we operate in all segments of the finance market we specialise in providing integrated residential business and commercial finance solutions for SME owners, 2nd / 3rd homebuyers, investors and corporate clients.

Often our clients will have complex financial situations involving one or more companies or trusts. They may also have strategies in place to minimise taxation and protect assets. We have the professional and technical expertise to understand and work within these structures, and to work with your other advisers.

Our Remuneration & Fee Structure

We act on behalf of our clients – not the lender, although we do have a fiduciary responsibility to the lender. We charge our clients a commercial fee for our work similar to an accountant or solicitor. Our fees are capped as a percentage of the loan amount sought.

In the majority of cases we are able to offset 100% of our fees against the initial commissions paid by the lender. However, in some cases commissions are not paid or are negligible in relation to the work required. In these circumstances the client is required to pay any shortfall between the fees due and the commission received.

Following our initial review of your needs and prior to making application we will explain the fee structure applicable to your transaction, and ask you to sign our Terms of Appointment and to pay a commitment fee. This fee offsets the costs of property and company / business searches, and credit checks which are necessary to process your application.

What makes the AFN experience different?

We provide solutions and service - we don't sell products. Home loans, leases or commercial loans are merely tools used to create financial solutions to assist our clients achieve their goals.

  • We're finance specialists.
  • We don't sell cars, real estate, offer investment, accounting or legal advice.
  • We do one thing to the absolute best of our ability - finance.

At AFN everyone is treated as a valued client whether you're a young professional buying your first home or a corporate borrower. Many of our earlier home buyer clients have gone on to own and operate highly successful businesses or become senior managers in large firms.

Many of our clients have been with us for more than 15 years, some more than 20 years. Settlement of the first transaction is the start of our relationship, not the end.

We invite you to become one of our clients ……..