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At AFN we have accreditation as a mortgage broker or mortgage manager with approximately 20 residential lenders including the major banks, a number of second tier banks, as well as a range of non- bank lenders. The number of loan options available is staggering. However, most of these lenders and products are not on our recommended / preferred product list.

Which lenders & loan (s) do we recommend?

Our basic philosophy is that a loan facility is a tool to help you achieve your financial objectives. 
Most loans are just variations on a theme. As products they’re pretty much generic.  Some, but not many are standouts.

We base our recommendations on how a particular loan product will best suit what you want to achieve as a client. We do use a computer for a comparison of interest rates, and maximum loan amounts - but more importantly we rely on a detailed knowledge of what you (the client) want to achieve and how we can match the lending guidelines and policies of the selected lender to achieve your goals. Interest Rates

Some of the considerations

There are a large number of considerations to be taken into account when selecting a lender and loan facility including;

  • Loan Purpose - why are you borrowing?
  • Who actually owns the security property?
  • Are there business needs as well as personal needs?
  • Will some of the loan facility be tax deductible?
  •  Are there tax planning considerations? – do we need to talk to your accountant
  • Asset protection -  keeping your home / real estate out of the business
  • What is the impact on your other borrowings e.g. business finance?
  • What are your future intentions for the security property?
  • Your plans for the next 3 -5 – 10 years?
  • Type and condition of the property you’re offering as security 
  • Location of the security
  • Your financial situation, and capacity to repay the debt
  • Your credit rating
  • Lenders guidelines and policies can be a deciding factor
  • What type of relationship you want with your lender.  

The better we understand your financial objectives, the better our advice, and service.