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Sustainable Technologies

Sustainable Technologies

Our world is changing rapidly. Technology is changing the way we live and the way we do business. It was inconceivable just a few years ago that Australian electricity generating companies would be looking at the prospect of closing down generators due to the take up of solar power, that mobile phones, tablets, and cloud computing would forever change the way we do business.

Businesses are under increasing social pressures to be clean, green and sustainable. It makes good business sense to fund these assets rather than tie up valuable working capital. At AFN we’re firmly committed to helping our clients build a sustainable future.

Energy Saving Assets

AFN can help businesses to arrange finance for a wide range of energy saving equipment including

  • Solar panel systems ( see more information)
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • HVACs
  • Building Management Systems
  • Other energy efficient assets

Other Equipment

Over the last three years AFN has assisted a number of suppliers of emerging sustainable technologies to negotiate finance facilitates for end users for a range of products including

  • Thermophillic Vessel Composters  - conversion of organic waste to biosoil - See Case Study
  • Pryolytic  Ovens  - for the conversion of woody mass to biochar
  • Dissolved Air Flotation Units -water treatment systems.

Finance Sources

Finance is available from a number of sources for energy efficient and other equipment - these include

  • The major banks
  • Specialist equipment financiers
  • Social enterprise funding bodies
  • State & federal government bodies – funding availability changes with government policies.