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Vendor Finance Facilities

Vendor Finance

Vendor finance facilities are used extensively by large equipment manufacturers to assist the sale of their goods. 
If you sell equipment business to business AFN can help you establish a facility for your clients that could have a significant positive impact on your profitability.

Having independent finance available to your clients will

  • Help reduce buyer resistance to making a large purchase
  • Reduce the need to discount the price of goods
  • Speed the decision making process - Clients don’t need to make an application to their bank.
  • Reduce reliance on manufacturer sourced funds and improve your margins.

What can be financed?

AFN can arrange vendor facilities to finance a diverse range of products with values ranging from $5,000 to substantially more than $1 million.

The list below is not exclusive – please ring us if the equipment you want to finance is not listed.

Technology Medical Electronics Manufacturing Capital Equipment
PCs Laptops Mob. Clinical Assets Semiconductor fabrication Material handling equipment Energy efficient assets
Mobile Devices Electronic record systems Semiconductor packaging Machine tools Cash Management
Network storage Diagnostic Imaging Test instruments Food Processing HVAC
Telecommunication Cath Labs Circuit board assembly Packaging Laundry
POS , Barcode Radiation Oncology   Plastics machinery Furniture & Fixtures – government only
Digital Signage Lab equipment   Automated guided vehicles Smart waste compactors & recycling
Software Surgical Devices     Airport Ground support equipment
Security Systems Patient safety devices     Electronic vehicle chargers
Modular Data Centres Home based health devices     Pallet Racking
Broadcast equipment